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- Import customs clearance
Professional and licensed customs agents with long – time experience in import clearance at any time are available for consultation for the import customs clearance , all type of logistics consultation and final review and preparation of all required documentation for final import clearance of Your goods.

- Export clearance
Exports as a significant segment of our customers would never be successful unless it is not supported by proper documentation prepared by qualified forwarding agent . Preparation of documentation foe export is done with a previous careful examination by licensed carriers whose main goal is successful, quality and rapid export – course clearance of Your shipments.

- Re-export
Sale of non duty paid goods made in Macedonia by the Macedonian foreign exporter company to foreign buyers is performed with a procedure for transit of goods as well as import/export clearance consuming and processing of documentation by experienced and efficient staff for this kind of customs procedure, and as a company that works successfully more years We have provided it.

- Transit
With our performance at work We easy perform transfer of goods from one custom office to another custom office within the territory of RM trough the procedure of transit of goods. Given that We approach to all types of customs procedures with a responsible , fast ,reliable and efficient approach , We are only logical choice for all those who care for their shipments.

2. Transportation

Basic prerequisite for success in industrial branches is the transportation of products to final destination . Global service mediation solution in air , rail and truck transport of your shipments through a developed network of associates , as well as timely information’s for the position of the goods carried is important segment in our work, finalized with quick, efficient and secure transmission of Your shipments to final destination.




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