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To pay attention per import of used cars

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and problems for the importation of used vehicles, the Customs Administration recommends the purchase and import of used vehicle from overseas particularly to heed the following:

1. Implementing conditions for homologation

To check conditions for homologation , before buying a car with authorized bodies :
- Homologation AMSM SERVICES DOOEL Skopje , inspection station , Skopje – Cair “ Veles and Bitola
- Mechanical Engineering in Skopje , the inspection place “ Industrial Zone Zhelezara “
- AUTOMAKEDONIJA AD Skopje , street Mito Hadzivasilev ; Inspection place Staklarnica “
- KONFORMA DOOEL Skopje , Blvd. Ilinden No. 138A Inspection station “ IM 1-Veles “ IM 2-Radovis” and “IM 3 – Prilep “
- - ASUC Boro Petrusevski from Skopje , Blvd. Alexander of Macedon ,26b ; Inspection place ASUC Boro Pertusevski “
Customs procedures are implemented and the fees paid perform the technical review for compliance with homologation conditions. If the vehicle does not meet these conditions, the importer cannot register the vehicle and will huge unnecessary costs of returning the vehicle aboard.

2. Export of foreign currency cash from the Republic of Macedonia

Providing additional confirmed the export of foreign currency from the Republic of Macedonia for the purchase of a vehicle.
For export of foreign currency, the limitations are as follows:
- Up to 2000 euro’s, free;
- 2.000 to 10.000 euro’s, effective money must be declared at the customs exit with confirmation from a bank or an authorized exchange;
- Export of foreign currency over 10.000 euro’s is not allowed.

3. Documents needed for implementation of custom procedures:

For clearance of the vehicle , necessary are the following documents:
- Original booklet for vehicle traffic;
- Original invoice , purchase agreement or , if the importer longer owns the vehicle ,a statement of value;

In order to determine the customs value , it is necessary to provide the following minimum information for passenger vehicles:
- Type
- Mark
- Model
- Type of vehicle
- Fuel power
- Number of doors
- Year
- Displacement of the engine
- The engine power ( horsepower or kilowatts)
- Level of equipment (example, level of equipment VOLKSVAGEN GOLF : confortline, trendline, hihline, etc)

In commercial vehicles, vans, buses, trucks and semitrailers , despite the above , it is necessary to submit minimum data:
- Number of axles
- Wheel distance
- Curb weight
- Allowable payload
- Allowed load axles Mon
- Length/width / height
- Type of rooms (the vans)

4. Check the data specified in the purchase documents and others supporting documents , ie comparing the number of the chassis of the vehicle with that specified in the agreement and sale and purchase traffic permit the purchase

Occasionally happens chassis number specified in the contract sale and purchase differ from the number of the chassis of the vehicle , which leads to problems in implementation of custom procedure , the procedure of Homologation and the registration of the vehicle.

5. Used tire

Often occurs when buying a vehicle to obtain a second set of tires (winter / summer). For the importation of used tires is prohibited, the second set of used tires can not be entered into Macedonia.

6. Removal of foreign license plates from the Republic of Macedonia

Regular license plates can be borrowed from the Republic of Macedonia will begin after the customs procedure. If the amount before the procedure, it is a customs offence

7. Providing proof of origin- EUR 1 or declaration in invoice

If the vehicles are originating from Member States of the European Union and they obtained evidence of origin-Certificate of movement EUR1 or declaration in invoice then pay reduced rate of duty 1% (regular 5 %).( Enacted law enters into effect from the date of publication in the Official Journal)

8. Customs offices where procedures are conducted on clearance vehicles

Custom of used passenger cars are made by local authority ie the residence of the importer, the following customs offices:
- CI 1 Skopje , street “ Collection “ bb , Skopje;
- CI 2 Skopje , street 34 bb , Skopje;
- CI 2 Skopje, street , 15th Corps, No,2 Skopje;
- CI Kumanovo , M1 main road section Tabanovce – Kumanovo , 7 km from Tabanovce;
- CI Stip , street “ Bregalnicka “ bb Stip;
- CI Gevgelija , BCP Bogorodica;
- CI Bitola , „Kravarski pat“ bb, Bitola.

9. Procedure for clearance of vehicles

Usually the customs procedure used vehicles is conducted as follows : Mon arrival at the checkpoint , the authorized representative (forwarding agent) prepares a transit declaration that the vehicle is in reference to the internal clearance office .Besides the collection of service often requires shipment be accompanied by a cash deposit which is returned to the importer after the transit procedure in the inner office.

Mon arrival in the inner office, beginning customs clearance of import of store, depending on the needs of the importer or the work of the Customs Office. Customs declaration shall be made by proxy authorized representative (forwarding agent)

10. Procedure for clearance of vehicles that are already in Macedonia

Vehicles with foreign plates that are already located in Macedonia , and govern the regulated entities abroad , can begin the procedure of customs transit procedure without a checkpoint , or may directly contact the customs offices where the procedure of clearance of vehicles.

11. Deadline for completion of the transit procedure

The deadline for completion of the transit procedure of border crossing to the Customs Office for clearance is usually 1 day . Failure to limit a customs offense, which is provided mandatory sentence of 50 euro’ s in denar equivalent of a person or, if the importer is a legal person, 50 euro’s for a responsible person in a legal person and 250 euro’s for a legal entity.

12. What is excise base

Excise base is the customs value determined in accordance with customs regulations increased the amount of customs. The customs value shall include transportation costs and insurance costs, if any.

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